Trinity Lutheran Church

What We Believe

It is by God’s overwhelming grace that Jesus has saved us from a life of sin and death. We believe in the truth of the Bible as God’s inspired Word and the only answer for the future.

From Sin to Salvation

As a result of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, all of humankind is born into sin. Consequently, all people have a sense of estrangement from the Creator and a compulsion to do something to overcome that reality.

From the grandest cathedrals of Rome to the remote, humble villages of underdeveloped countries, humans innately know they need to do something to please and appease a higher being. This is what the practice of religion has been about since the beginning of time. 

Through Jesus Christ, We Can Know God

Christianity is the only religion of the world to insist that we cannot accomplish reconciliation with the Creator by performance alone. Only through the revelation of a Savior, who would be the substitute sacrifice for all of our wrongdoing to make us right with God, can we finally overcome our sense of separation from the Almighty.

Only through Jesus Christ can we confidently know God, our Heavenly Father, and know the assurance and promise of life eternal. This is a gift of life that we rejoice in and share with Christians around the world.

We share with all Christians the desire that everyone would come to know Jesus and experience a life under “new management”—the grace and purpose of God.